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I met Jesus when I was 15. Deciding to follow Jesus was the best decision I have made in my life. He has helped me understand who I am, what my purpose is and where I am heading in this life. I hope I will be able to tell you some of my story in person one day.


I love poetry and I'd like to share some poems with you. Hope you enjoy them.


Olivey satin hues

Amid cascading blues

Encircling red brown land,

Created by the Father’s hand.

Sulphur-crested cockatoos,

Blue-winged kookaburras,

And whistling kites,

Float ever upward to dizzying heights

Restful river gums,

Within which insects hum,

Overlook yellow belly fish,

Moving through the water, swish, swish.

If you look you will find me there

At peace with it all in His loving care

Gently caressed by His Spirit-filled breeze

Living with ease

In Longreach!

By Susan Liersch

Copyright©2018. Reproduction requires author’s permission.

At the End of Time

He lies in wait in the fiery abyss

No sound is made, all is silent.

When conscience is asleep, and morals are amiss

The beast will arise, evil and defiant.

He makes his last stand gathering all he can,

Seducing many with his ‘virtual’ light.

They turn from the eyes of the Son of Man

To be conquered by the darkness of night.

But the followers of the Way, awake and alert

Keep close to the truth that generates life.

Ignoring distractions that are designed to divert

Keep their eyes on the groom like a devoted wife.

As He comes on the cloud with the trumpet call

He rides His white horse and gathers His own,

Lifts them up from the hell of the Genesis fall

And welcomes them into His Heavenly home.

By Susan Liersch

Copyright©2020. Reproduction requires author’s permission.


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